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Erin Neelands MA QTS KPA CTP is a qualified teacher and certified animal trainer who specialises in clicker training. She works with positive reinforcement techniques and has over 15 years’ experience teaching both adult and secondary school students and training family pets in group and private settings.

“Shifting the focus from a negative perspective (punishing unwanted behaviour) to a positive perspective (rewarding wanted behaviour) is an effective way to facilitate learning in any subject, student or animal. Unwanted behaviour, left unrewarded, either vanishes or is replaced by more desirable and rewardable behaviour.” 



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Frittenden Dog Agility

"I take particular pleasure in people who have tried clicker training with their dogs. Their first reaction, as the dog begins to offer them a behaviour, is a thrill of personal success. The second reaction is from the heart; I had no idea that I had such a smart dog."
-Karen Pryor (Don't Shoot the Dog)

Karen Pryor

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Erin Neelands MA QTS KPA CTP

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